Originally Posted by rgleason Serge do you have these? User feedback All, here is my report on ShipPlotter underway on our sailboat Sashay. Adding a weight on anchor chain. The following list of dedicated AIS receivers is by no means exhaustive. We’d sold his AIS units through VisitMyHarbour website, and were getting concerned by reports of non delivery from end customers By the time I’d done all that, Mirrorbow had stopped marketing the USB25IO and I had upgraded to a different data acquisition device for my seismometer.

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He was only 45, he’d stared getting bad headaches oinux thought it was blood pressure. CombiPlotter provides you with a low-overhead means of displaying the ship data known to ShipPlotter on another chart view.

Serge do you have these? Fortunately there is a third-party library available called rxtxand I was able to use that.

BB code is On. I use the interface to control the power to a number of computers and peripherals in my attic, both to make remote operation possible and also to physically isolate them from the mains supply when not in use. View my complete profile. A collection of notes about things that interest me, projects I’m working on and about being a developer.

Lakeland Developer: HP LK XModmap OpenVMS Keyboard Map for Ubuntu Linux

If you need coastline charts rather than satellite images, Hal Mueller has generously provided a means to generate charts at his splendid Mobile Geographics website, where you can easily create a personalised chart of your local area. The time now is Good for Opencpn community that the original concept from Radargadgets was developed further, i like it.


Power drain on the battery bank was minimal since the only extra load was running the Yaesu FT 2m Ham radio. You simply click on the button to toggle the power. Much farther than the radar.

The Mirrorbow USB25IO

The AIS system faithfully reported all the ship, mirrorhow, and ferry traffic and since it was a clear day, it was easy to relate the display to the real world.

However I’m always interested in new data acquisition projects so if you have a good idea for one. In fact, a tug was returning from berthing a ship and as I approached Oakland outer harbor from the opposite side of the container pier, I noticed the tug being plotted on ShipPlotter on the other side.

BSB file and one or more. There are considerable variations in the legislation concerning radio reception in the different administrations around the world. Thanks in advance guys. Messages that can be decoded include routine calls for test purposes between ships and coast stations; calls to establish communication by some other means voice, etc.

After that time it must be registered. To display large charts, linxu may also find that you require a surprising amount of memory. It is for use only in those states and regions where such use is permitted.

The message formats include weather reports, water level and water flow reports, lock sequence messages and other interesting data. Its capabilities are configurable and are: Back to my technology page. If you carry ShipPlotter on board any vessel you must understand that, while ShipPlotter may provide you with some potentially useful information about some of the ships in your vicinity, COAA does not make any warranties whatsoever that ShipPlotter is fit or appropriate for any application, including but not limited to, applications where the safety of life is at stake.


Only ship position messages and ship static data messages are decoded by Pocket ShipPlotter but the option to save the complete NMEA serial data to a file allows you to replay the full data at a later date using ShipPlotter running on a laptop or desktop.

COF file, which contains the coefficients for the World Magnetic Model used to convert true bearings to magnetic.

NOAH charts code names. He died 2 weeks later. Its capabilities are configurable and are:. If you need to upload data at regular intervals to a web site eg from the ship. Registration of ShipPlotter ShipPlotter can be freely downloaded and used for 21 days.

All in all, I think this is a very useful tool for identifing and avoiding the “heavies”. What if someone has tied to your