Direct import of MPEG-2 files to the timeline and hardware accelerated MPEG-2 rendering allow you to get video in and out of your system faster; with no need for format swapping. Add broadcast quality titles, graphics and filters, and with the latest dual stream technology you’ll see most of your changes instantly, without waiting to render! Almost three years on, Pinnacle seems unwilling to retire the board, and is intent on expanding its capabilities to address new demands of video editors. With an NTSC preview function, TitleDeko makes quick work of adding titles without having to go back and forth to tweak placement and to check for color compatibility with on-screen content. The final video is used for programs, promos and such for local access cable stations in the Southern California area. This is a useful tool if your tape contains multiple shots.

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Notify me of new posts by email. By using the Pinnacle Codec, the footage that is edited in VV3 will still work in realtime in Premiere.

PowerSearch claims to find specific words in video segments sv500 Premiere Pro. Both programs work well with the Pinnacle Codec.

Pinnacle DV500 DVD – VideoHelp Capture Card

It should be noted that we used a test machine that had nothing but system software loaded onto it prior to the DV PLUS installation.

Adding some standard Premiere transitions and several of the elaborate but less-useful effects from the included plug-ins, we found ;innacle the DV PLUS handled two-stream real-time playback with ease.

The pinnacle effects are useful but very basic video adjustments, color correction, etc. If the answer is “yes”, I’d also like to know: Using four tracks of audio with natural sound, voiceover and stereo music, we volume-adjusted tracks individually and ganged them together in groups with no problem at all.


This is a useful tool if your tape contains multiple shots. Fvd using a beta version of our new web site. Putting five static titles over the sequence, we began to see render indicators but these renders some fairly complex with titles over transitions chugged along and finished in less than a minute. The DV from Pinnacle Systems has been the solution of choice for thousands pinhacle desktop video editors around the world.

Sigma Cine shows off new Burbank office. I don’t use the connection for my work so I can’t comment on using an external monitor from the DV while working in VV3. The card’s real-time editing capabilities are largely unchanged, but this new revision has the ability to export DVD-compliant MPEG-2 video in hardware using a C-Cube chipset that is otherwise used for real-time previewing of effects and transitions.

Real-time Effects 2 channel video mixer with real-time bit manipulation of real-time multi-track audio mixer Brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, image dvr filter. Almost three years on, Pinnacle seems unwilling to retire the board, and dvx intent on expanding its capabilities to address new demands ponnacle video editors.

After the system recognized the new hardware and the software was loaded, we began our test by trying out the proprietary Pinnacle Systems DVTools, to see how the system worked with DV device control and capture functions. Are you sure you want to report this comment post user as questionable? Look out for more details and a hands-on test soon.


Hollywood FX Copper provides a slew of 3D effects and transitions that run near real time in preset mode. TitleDeko RT is a broadcast-quality titler that gives you precise control over graphic text.

Pinnacle DV DVD Specs – CNET

Installation was a breeze on our Athlon-based test system running Windows XP, and we were pleased to see a minor alteration to the break-out box – now providing a DV port as well as analogue AV sockets.

Low-cost Matrox real-time card Apple charges for OS Premiere uses a Pinnacle plugin called ‘Instant Video RT’ which enables it to interact with the DV for realtime effects, capturing, outputing, scrubbing, previewing, etc. Thankfully, however, the next revision of Pinnacle’s own multi-featured editing software, Edition DV 4. How to get started with computer video editing.

Join our ongoing campaign. I’ve worked with Premiere for years but I prefer to work in VV3. Pinnacle DV DVD also includes unique Intelligent ReEditing, which allows you to revisit older projects and only render the edits when you’ve completed your revisions – no more long renders just because you wanted to change one title or shorten one clip! I’d like to dub corporate English videos to Portuguese.

Pinnacle has always been at the forefront of affordable, real-time digital video in this new age of PC editing. On the positive side: I think it was helpful for me!