Design – Unit is quite large Software – MapSource is very crude. Highly recommended, especially now that prices are falling since Garmin has come out with newer, fancier models. Introduced in the mids with a IPX7 standard waterproof housing that can be used either in upright portrait mode or in landscape mode. This map contains vectorised mapping which includes some 1: Altitude data was very accurate too, most of the time reading similar figures to the OS paper maps I was holding. There was no way to boot the unit to mount the microSD card and remove the files which were causing it to stop booting using the device itself.

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Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx Handheld

The car mount is not as easy to use as the rail mount on the Oregon or Colorado. The quality of translation into other languages I don’t know. There is almost nothing to dislike about this glsmap. I had to use an external microSD card reader to remove the offending directory at which point the device worked fine. If you have not purchased yet or unless you can get a really good discount, or are only interested in using the GPS in the outdoors you may want to look at competitors’ models.

Many of 60csc unit’s buzzers and bells are only usable with the purchase of additional software which is a little expensive.


GPSMAP® 60CSx | Garmin

These pages are accessed either from the main menu, or in a sequence of pages that are displayed when you push the PAGE button. This results in selecting the wrong letter or menu option more often than I care to accept without frustration. The user-interface is easy to use and learn. All models seem to be based on the STMicroelectronics Cartesio chipset, with a quad helix antenna in the 62 and a patch in the Where to Buy sponsored links.

Let’s make the user push 5 buttons to do the same thing as the 60 CSx takes only 3 to do.

The device is controlled using a rocker button to indicate direction and 8 function buttons. However, in sunlight and bright overcast, the readability is reversed – the 60CSx is the easiest to see, and the Oregon the least.


The unit gives you the option of street routing for shortest or fastest route. Loading maps onto the memory card is a snap, using Garmin’s Mapsource software I have the ”02 version.

Gamin they’ve backed up the new data from their GPS, they can clear the memory again, keeping their GPS ready for their next trip. The GPS will display all the points in the selected category in a list, starting with those closest to you. Connectivity can be provided by GPSBabel or other such tools if you don’t want to use the Windows software. Pressing the power button briefly cycles through the backlight brightness settings.


Rotating the metal clip releases the cover, for changing garmni.

I still had 3 bars left out of 4 after a 15km trek. This can be useful for finding, say, the nearest petrol station or hut or ATM. To use multiple map sets you can change microSD cards. You can spend hundreds of dollars on dedicated camera hardware and cables to geotag your photos.

Unfortunately, it is no longer produced. It’s there if you want it, but don’t buy this unit based that feature. Garmin does not do this locking crap to its Topo US version.

Garmin/GPS series – OpenStreetMap Wiki

This is a highly sensitive receiver which makes use of the SerifStar chipset. I don’t know how to read them and therefore not what they contain.

Since firmware version 3. You may also like.

Find by Name will locate names that start with the text that you enter, throughout the entire name database on the GPS. This unit is tried and true and I feel confident navigating with it in the harshest conditions.

The full-screen touch keypad on the Oregon is much faster to use.