Nice one biggerX i know this can be a pain to set up for people. This package should contain everything you need to play PSX games in Linux. This was tested with a Soundblaster Audigy. Let me give you a kudos! Components needed for ePSXe — 2.

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The only problem I have is that whenever I try to run the configuration for any of Pete’s plugins I get: These plugins are not dependant on any particular hardware, simply overall system power. When I tried to save the game which happened to be Final Fantasy Tactics if that is any help the emulator freaks out and corrupts the memory card.

An R debugger is contained which may p.e.op.a of interest to people working on translations.

The really easy way to install it is to use Debian unstable or use Ubuntu edgy, neither of which you probably want p.e.po.s do. The standard ePSXe audio will work fine. Unfortunately all links to bios files have been removed.

Anyway, now it still doesn’t work. No such file or directory Segmentation fault robert robert: This plugin will not offer the best performance, but it will at bare-minimum allow users without 3D accelerators to run their emulators with a very compatible plugin. In order to save time I’ll be providing screenshots of my settings. I compiled omnijoy for you, and I included my hidden config file patch. It does the same fake fullscreen nonsense that the Pete’s MesaGL Driver does, but it also automatically yay!


I hope you can help me. Is anyone p.e.op.s enough to help me with a PSX emulator problem I’m having? I’m using the pcsx-df fork, padJoy 0. To prevent this, if you want to load a different game, close PCSX and reopen it.

Psx plugins emuparadise

If you have a second keyboard or controller repeat this step for Controller 2 after thats done click the “ok” button Click next. P.e.op.d you do have trouble emulating try turning off “Change XA Speed.

Does the “root emulator dir” mean the “program dir” ,where the program resides or perhaps the. HairyUKMar 15, I had problem running your package. The only issue I ever had with the OGL2 plugin was with older setups; it does tend to be a bit slower than a DX based one, although it takes a lot to cause any slowdown these days PCSX-df installs and runs pretty well from Synaptic, needing only minor tweaking.

If it’s running slowly do some tweaking with settings and try again. If you do, you don’t have gcc, libgtk or some of the other deps you need. These plugins are simply a matter of preference, and on that note, most users find the Eternal SPU to be one of the most well-developed and compatible plugins. Irrelevant if you are using ISO files. Apparently I’m the only person this is happening to, since I haven’t heard anyone else mention it.


Click on the verification link to start your email newsletter subscription. Absolutely no response from the joystick. Next, get the following two packages http: No such file or directory However a locate libgtk I really needed this spelled out to me and you were cdt great help.

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If you move the mouse while playing, you will reveal gnome-panel. You must log in or sign up to reply here. This had me head scratching for a while!