Besides that everything went smooth and fast. FarCry, a first-person shooter, remains infamous for its lengthy map loads when switching levels. Though most controllers feature logic that can stagger the spin-up of individual drives, peak power dissipation may nonetheless be of concern in very large arrays or in cases where a staggered start is not feasible. WD’s latest turns in a measured average read access time of I have always used Hitachi hard drives in desktops and laptops for my personal use!!!!! It operates quietly and stays cool. StorageReview simulates these multi-user loads using IOMeter.

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Skip to main content. Since then, however, capacities have crept forward, especially in the RPM sector. Drives with any sort of command queuing abilities will always be tested with such features enabled. Hitachi’s first native-SATA notebook drive design, the 5K k5250 comes in a wide variety of capacities.

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Like its predecessor, the WDBEVT is a power hog when spinning up from a cold start and peaks at just under ttravelstar watts. While going the other way is pretty hard, it’s not completely impossible.

Flawless This hard drive is perfect for upgrading a PS3, that’s where I used it. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon UK’s website. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


Seagate Hard Drive Barracuda 8tb Desktop 3. A multiple-layer filter sifts through collected data, silently omitting questionable results or results from questionable participants. More items related to this product. When accounting for the rotational latency 5.

Note that while the measurement is an A-weighted decibel score that weighs frequencies in proportion to human ear sensitivity, a low score does not necessarily predict whether trwvelstar not a drive will exhibit a high-pitch whine that some may find intrusive. Hdd was not formatted, so had to fix this. SR presents results to readers through a percentile ranking system.

In the pages that follow, we will take a look at how these two RPM units stack up against other 5. Applications include Adobe Photoshop v7. It operates quietly and stays cool.

According to filtered and analyzed 5m250 collected from participating StorageReview. One of my BEST deals on ebay!!!!!!!!! I needed small external drive and laptop hard-drive was perfect solution for me.

HGST Travelstar 5K250 120GB Internal 5400RPM 2.5″ (HTS542512K9SA00) HDD

Multi-User Performance Unlike single-user machines whether a desktop or workstationservers undergo highly random, non-localized access. The hard-drive was not formatted which means that some computer can not see the hard-drive while USB is connected.

No matter how long a span of inactivity the drive encountered, the 5K never approached the 5K’s enviable power draw of just 0. In our captures of the disc activity from FarCry and World of Warcraft, the Travelstar 5K continues to deliver by scoring the highest marks yet seen for a RPM drive.


Gaming Performance Three decidedly different entertainment titles cover gaming performance in StorageReview’s test 52k50. Always get great service and performance out of them!!! The 5, rpm speed of this Hitachi internal HDD proves advantageous in terms of access speed, especially when opening huge or multiple files.

Seagate Reports 1Q19 Earnings.

Hitachi Travelstar 5K ( GB, 5, RPM) – TravelStar 7K and 5K Beat the Band

Travelstar 5K is designed to address the balanced requirements of notebook PC and mobile computing users – high capacity, ruggedness, power-efficiency and speed. Operating Power Dissipation – The power consumed by a drive, measured both while idle and when performing fully random seeks. Hitachi’s drive stumbles slightly in our Sims 2 trace, a test in which WD’s unit shines. Additional Product Features Drive Interface.