I did check Device Manager and it was showing the device to be working properly and it is the listed audio device when it is plugged in. Any thoughts from out there would be greatly appreciated. The new hardware detected process seemed to work OK, and I was able to again listen to wave files with Media Player. I am getting further and further confused now. And this just gets better and better NOT!!!

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Is it also possible that somehow your hardware was damaged as well? Looking at the details, there are 8 files in the C: Steinberg Zero Downtime Gamaha with most software, the retail value is reflected in the license to use this product.

Are you by chance using other audio devices such as built-in audio or an consumer audio card in your computer? Old Motifator threads are available in the Archive. WaveLab WaveLab Pro 9. I am running Windows XP, 32 bit.

Any thoughts from out there would be greatly appreciated. I can hookup my keyboard and here what it is playing through ssio interface, but nothing seems to be going into Cubase AI still. Read up on what measures you can take audoogram case of a defective or lost USB-eLicenser.

The Audiogram did not require any driver software to be installed. If you got another driver, and you do need the correct one for your device, go here: I yamahq quickly recorded a 3-track project and everything worked again. I have tried switching to other USB ports and nothing changes. It has to be the one for XP and it is version 1. Yamaha USB Audio I can remember in the past going with number two and ending up with about 11 yamsha of latency.


Hi everyone, A couple of nights ago the USB port I always plug my Audiogram 6 into apparently fried itself out while I was using the Audiogram to listen to wave files. Content Sets Sequel Content Sets turn Sequel and Cubase into a fully fledged music factory for your favorite music style!

Education Steinberg offers a range of products at special education pricing qsio facilities, educators and students. Happy again, Steve Pas. So, is this starting to sound like a burnt piece of hardware that is no longer of any use?

And this just gets better and better NOT!!! In any case, what you are looking for is the place where you set things like buffer settings, so are you seeing that? The wisest choice with any music computer is, IMHO, to have only one audio device I guess it took Cubase AI a yamahq of shutdowns and restarts zsio it finally recognized everything and was able to start the audio flowing again.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver | Firmware and Software | Downloads | Yamaha

Aufiogram again, Just some further non-successful updates. Now I have an interesting dilemma that when I call up old projects and start them, the project plays along and there is absolutely no output of any audio on any channel.

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Am I missing something in my device setup that would have been prompted by simply changing the USB port the Audiogram is plugged into? I did check Device Manager and it was showing the device to be working properly and it is the listed audio device when it is plugged in.

When I do make the switch to Yamaha USB Audio, I can hear what sounds like it switching on, then after a second or so that sound repeats again.

Your pointers helped my thought process in going through the issues on this one. In case you run a Windows or Mac OS X version that is not supported by the current driver tamaha, please find the previous version s below.

AUDIOGRAM Downloading and Installing Yamaha USB Audio Driver

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I guess downloading the special driver from Yamaha did the trick.

Video tutorials Our YouTube channel not only offers a selection of product presentation videos but also several very helpful and informative video tutorials. So it may work okay in Windows itself, but aduiogram in Cubase.

You have given me a couple more avenues to explore on this one with the Windows side of the house.